Kid President's Holiday Parcel

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People of the Internet & prospective do-gooders,

What has eight corners and is super jam packed full of holiday awesomeness?

That's right, THIS BOX!

The Kid President team has filled it full to the brim with items we are super proud of, including a few exclusives (which is a fancy way of saying stuff you can’t get anywhere else)!

What's inside Kid President's Holiday Parcel?

  • A limited edition "Hater's Gonna Hate. Huggers Gonna Hug" t-shirt
  • A limited edition Kid President 2017 Calendar to help you tackle all New Years’ resolutions!
  • A limited edition Kid President Holiday Ornament
  • 3 amazing Kid President themed enamel pins!
  • Kid President postcards and stickers (of course!)
  • A delicious bar from This Bar Saves Lives (no peanuts!)
  • A letter from Brad and Robby

And yes, you should pre-order today! Because while awesomeness doesn't have a limit, we can only make a limited number of these boxes! This time of year allows us to really express just how important all of you are to us!

We wanted to create a box that represents the joyful rebellion you have helped us create. What a better way to say “I think you are awesome” than giving the gift of KP. Keep being awesome & celebrating those who mean the most to you.

Happy holidays,

Brad & Robby (The KP Team)

Additional Information

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  • This package will ship in December
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  • Worldwide shipping available :)
  • If you'd like to order 20+ packages, please email