Pentatonix Success Story

 “Fanjoy understands the delicate balance between offering a unique product that delivers a premium fan experience and product without overcharging the customer. Besides the effectiveness of the campaign, Fanjoy's understanding of consumers and willingness to collaborate was refreshing and impressive.”
- Jonathan Kalter / The MGMT Company

Pentatonix partnered with Fanjoy to create a heartfelt package around the release of their debut album. The Pentatonix album packages were delivered to the doorsteps of fans (otherwise known as "Pentaholics") in over 50 countries worldwide. Their debut album itself was a huge success as it went on to top the Billboard chart in its first week. The album package consisted of exclusive Pentatonix merchandise and personal mementos from the band members to show their appreciation of their fans support.

Package Contents:

  • Collectible Pentatonix box
  • Deluxe-edition album
  • Exclusive Pentatonix album shirt
  • Exclusive photostrips of the band
  • An emoji tracklist sticker set
  • Letter from the band 
  • The first 500 orders included a signed album by the band 
  • Lucky packages included VIP upgrades, concert tickets and Skype sessions 



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