What is Fanjoy?

Fanjoy is a subscription service for music fans to connect with their favorite artist in a more meaningful way. Fanjoy works with musicians and personalities to create care packages for their fans that ships directly to their door every 3 months. These packages include exclusive artist merchandise and products from brands that the artist loves and wants to share with their fans. 

Fanjoy helps fill each fans void by allowing the artist to create authentic, genuine packages that helps you discover a little bit more about the people behind the tunes.

What's in the box?

Surprises are an amazing thing. Every package is unique and will revolve around a theme chosen by the Artist. Each package is guaranteed to have new band merchandise and amazing products you will love. The value of the packages will always be more than what you paid, and as a true fan, the packages will be invaluable. 

Do I have to subscribe?

You can subscribe to the artist or if you only want to buy 1 package, you can gift it to yourself or someone you love, here.

Hilary Duff's package is not a subscription, it is a 1-time purchase of her album package. 

When will I receive my package?

Packages will ship every 3 months, near the middle of each shipping month. You will get a confirmation email confirming your order/subscription and a follow up email telling you when the package has officially shipped along with a tracking number for your reference. 

Can I gift the Fanjoy package?

You can gift the package to someone you love or simply gift as many as you would like to yourself. Go to the gifting section here: Gift Page

*When you gift one or multiple packages, you are only purchasing the next package from that Artist.

When will I be charged?

If you are subscribed, when you place your order for your first box you will be billed immediately. You will then be billed 3 months later the day after we cut-off orders for that package. Usually on the 1st of the shipping month. Example: If the artist package ships in April, if subscribed, you will be charged on April 1. If you purchase a gift for someone, you will be billed a one-time charge immediately. If you have any questions, please email us at hello@fanjoy.co.

Will you have more Artists joining Fanjoy?

Yes! We are in the process of working with new Artists to join the Fanjoy platform in the new year. If you would like an Artists to be on the platform, please tweet them to us @FanjoyCo or send us a note to hello@fanjoy.co so we can let them know!

How much is shipping?

For US customers, shipping is $7. For International customers, shipping is $30.

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How do I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, please go to the subscription page of the artist you are subscribed to and login to your PayWhirl account. 

For A Great Big World, go here and click "Manage my subscriptions"


For any other help or questions, feel free to tweet us @FanjoyCo or send us an email hello@fanjoy.co

Apparel Size Charts

For apparel size reference, please refer to the below size charts for Adults and Kids☺️