Kid President's Box Of Awesome



What has eight corners and is super jam packed full of awesome?

That's right, THIS BOX!

Kid President has filled it full to the brim with items he loves and is super proud of, and even a few exclusives (which is a fancy way of saying stuff you can’t get anywhere else)! It's all to celebrate the release of the "Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome" book being released on paperback!  

What's inside the Box of Awesome?

  • Kid President's "Guide to Being Awesome" paperback book
  • A limited-edition "Be. More. Awesome." t-shirt (available in adult and kid sizes!)
  • 3 amazing Kid President themed enamel pins!
  • Kid President postcards and stickers (of course!)
  • An amazing Unlock Hope necklace
  • Very awesome Good Spread peanut butter!

And yes, you should pre-order today! Because while awesomeness doesn't have a limit, we can only make a limited number of these boxes! Make sure you order yours before they're all gone like delicious corn dogs at a party!

PSSSST: The first 300 orders will include a pair of comfy, cool, size medium socks from our friends at Bombas! (SOLD OUT)

Keep being awesome! Keep being you!

Robby & Brad  (Team Kid President)

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