Why I Started Fanjoy

December 18, 2014

When I was growing up, dancing, acting, and entertaining was a huge part of my life. Performing in nursing homes and at recitals was everything to me because I knew I was making someone a little happier. Later in life I found myself on the road with my brother Chad’s band, A Great Big World. I was helping with merchandise sales and tour manager duties across the US. It wasn’t until the moments at each venue while talking with the fans that I realized how powerful their music really was and how much I missed creating these special moments for people.

The fans in each city were so passionate, dedicated, and really embraced the performance of the band. Talking to the fans at the show was truly amazing and hearing stories of how A Great Big World has inspired them was bliss. There were stories of people traveling 8 hours to get to the show (or even flew out of state), tattooing song lyrics onto their bodies, and just having an overall positive influence in their lives. It was so amazing to hear.

I wanted to create something just as magical; something that could brighten people’s day more often than just one night at the concert. Fans are the pulse of each artist, why not go out of your way and do a little something extra to put a smile on their face?

From there, Fanjoy was born. Fanjoy gives each fan a little bit more insight into who each of these artists are by combining physical products the Artist loves and new artist merchandise inside each box. We make sure the brands each artist is partnering with are products the artists truly believes in and want to share with their fans. Fanjoy helps create exclusive artist merchandise for the Artist’s subscribers and gives each artist the ability to connect with their fans on a whole different level; something you can’t quite get from Twitter or Facebook. Fanjoy is not a monthly subscription, it’s every 3 months, giving the artist enough time to put real meaning behind what they include in each package. From their favorite foods, hobbies, interests, to expertise and music, each package is unique and comes from the heart of each artist.

We are so happy to be working with A Great Big World on their first Fanjoy package and we can’t wait to have more artists along for the ride as well to spread joy to their fans all over the world. We want to create extremely special moments for each fan every time a package arrives. Who says Christmas can't be all year round? 

Thank you for all of your support.

Chris Vaccarino


twitter: @ChrisVaccarino

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